Priority One: Champion Australian Businesses

Goal 1: Celebrate local innovation that is contributing to the advancement of Australia’s economy and society through simulation

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
A directory of local and international simulation centers to be available via our website
Continue updating the Training & Simulation Capability Directory
Searchable catalogue of previous SimTecT and SimHealth papers
2 think tanks held for each SIG
Simulation Australia awards receive national media coverage 
Schools engage with simulation via a SimChallenge

Horizon 2 - (12-24 months)
Literature review of previous SimTecT and SimHealth papers
Simulation Australia hosts innovation showcase

Horizon 3- (24-36 months)
Simulation Australia wins awards for economic development

Goal 2: Influence the Australian Government, state governments, international institutions and companies to champion simulation as a business enabler

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
A taxonomy of simulation defining simulation and case studies for each industry are published
International activities are linked to a simulation export strategy

Horizon 2 - (12-24 months)
A policy framework for simulation in Australia is considered and published 

Horizon 3- (24-36 months)
Simulation Australia is invited to contribute to government policy setting

Priority Two: Promote simulation excellence

Goal 3: Champion a skills agenda.

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
Skills and workforce summit conducted
Criteria for guiding simulation content in accredited programs published
Certification program revised
Master classes complement ISA course for non-accredited continuing education

Horizon 2 - (12-24 months)
Formal agreements in place for all simulation courses listed in our directory
New certification streams available
A regular calendar of continuing education courses is published on our website

Horizon 3- (24-36 months)
Certification recognised in tenders and recruitment

Goal 4: Promote the development and adoption of simulation standards

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
Develop Simulation Handbook providing simulation standards taxonomy and guidance
Strengthen ties with international standards organisations

Horizon 2 - (12-24 months)
Standard for training and assessing simulation practitioners developed 

Horizon 3- (24-36 months)
Training and assessment standards recognised by regulars and adopted widely by members

Priority Three: Grow our Resources 

Goal 5: Grow the Simulation Australia community by driving membership and attracting supporters

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
Revise our membership offering
Networking forums across Australia for members
Grow our membership to 200 corporate members

Horizon 3- (24-36 months)
Comprehensive member newsletter/magazine published

Goal 6: Grow non-membership revenue to ensure continued sustainability and scope for customer engagement with Simulation Australia

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
800 attendees at SimTecT Conference
Non-membership products and services are clearly articulated
Appropriate government and non-government sources of funding are identified

Horizon 2 - (12-24 months)
Value-add services available to members as bolt-on

Priority Four: Demonstrate best practice governance 

Goal 7: To maintain a constitution, Board structure and compliance regime that reflects the revised membership framework and corporate intent 

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
Our strategic direction is clearly articulated, including the role of SIGs now and into the future
Horizon 2 - (12-24 months)
All SIG positions filled

Horizon 3- (24-36 months)
Simulation Australia recognised for excellence in the not-for-profit sector 

Goal 8: To embody internationally-recognised best practices for not-for-profit organisations in the governance of Simulation Australia.

Horizon 1 - (next 12 months)
Formal annual report published
Review of current operations against identified benchmarks is complete