Strategic Objectives - 2014 - 3 year Roadmap

Unite and Represent the Simulation Community

Grow Our Resources

Create Simulation Excellence

2014 - UNITE

Year 1 of Our Roadmap will focus strongly on internal structures and systems while commencing the work for
2015 and beyond.


  • Create an International Ambassadors Network (specifically in Asia)
  • Re-brand the Divisions as Specialist Communities
  • Harmonise the Terms of Reference for the newly named Specialist Communities, and as a result clarify their objectives and outputs
  • Establish a high-level Expert Advisory Panel
  • Targeted assistance and resourcing for the Specialist Communities to ensure valued member benefits
  • Undertake a review process of the annual conferences
  • Production of an R&D Atlas
  • Professional Development outcomes


2015 - GROW

Year 2 of Our Roadmap will take Simulation Australia beyond Australian shores by purposefully engaging with
current and potential members and organisations in the Asia Pacific region.


  • Hold at least two events in South-East Asia
  • Trade under a new name, Simulation Australasia, to reflect the broadening scope and influence of the Association
  • Develop relationships with complementary organisations in the Asia Pacific region
  • Continue individual and corporate member growth
  • Undertake an audit of current simulation practice standards


2016 - CREATE

Year 3 will be a year of development and refining of a range of services and member offerings. As the final
year of the plan, and with so much on the agenda in Years One and Two, the intentions for 2016 are
intentionally broad at this stage, and open to review through 2015.


  • Enhancements to the Professional Development program
  • New program and service offerings implemented


These themes are not stand alone year on year. While Simulation Australasia, both staff and volunteers will
launch itself into achieving the objectives for 2014, groundwork will also necessarily commence to meet the
vision and ambition for 2015 and 2016.

Please click here to view the Simulation Australasia 2014-2016 Roadmap.