Message from the ASSH Chair

Message from the ASSH Chair - September 2015

Dear ASSH Members,

I am sure you would agree that the recent SimHealth Conference in Adelaide was a resounding success and I would like to thank all those involved from the Organising Committee and Staff at Simulation Australasia for making this possible. Our invited international and local speakers provided us with some excellent insights into concepts that we can take away and utilise in our own organisations. We were also privileged to be exposed to an excellent range of posters, papers and workshops that demonstrate the breadth and depth of simulation based activities in Australasia.

I would also like to congratulate the new and re-elected members of the ASSH executive committee, Amy Dearsley, Luke Wainwright, Jessica Stokes-Parish, Dylan Campher and Julian van Dijk who commenced their positions on Monday 24th of August. This also marked the date on which Melanie Barlow, Deputy Chair, and I commenced in our positions. During a recent face-to-face meeting of the ASSH executive committee, held at SimHealth 2015, the committee decided that a priority must be to ensure that our membership feels that there is clarity around the actions of the committee and the purpose of ASSH. Part of this is to make sure that members are part of a continually developing and progressing membership based community.

Amongst the initiatives that the ASSH executive are proposing to work on and implement in the forthcoming months is to work with The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) and Simulation Australasia (SA) to develop a certification process based on the SSH process. This would create a joint certification with SSH and ASSH. Continued and ongoing certification will include ongoing Continued Simulation Education (CSE) and be the beginning of a fellowship program with ASSH. Initial discussions with SSH and industry stakeholders have been very positive and it is hoped that we will have further information outlining the proposed process in the coming months. The intention of the proposed certification and fellowship program is to develop ASSH and the health based simulation movement into a professional community that sets standards and self regulates. We feel that this will assist in highlighting ASSH as the leading body in health simulation and demonstrate our commitment and that of our members to regulating and furthering simulation.

Other areas we will focus on and seek member input on in the coming months are a rebranding process in line with the SA logo and branding. We aim to increase the frequency and type of communication with members and intend to develop a greater social media presence once the rebranding is complete. It is the intention of the ASSH executive to provide greater outputs for our members and increase the benefits associated with being part of ASSH.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the members who completed their terms with the ASSH executive in 2015, Michelle Kelly, Kirsty Freeman, Stephanie O’Regan, and Jenny Weller. Their contribution to ASSH has been highly valued.

I look forward to working with the ASSH members and executive committee in the next two years. 

Best Wishes,


Robert O'Brien
Chair - Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH)