Corporate Member

Organisation:BAE Systems
Divisions:Defence, Resources & Infrastructure


BAE Systems specialises in three key areas of simulation:

  • Producing innovative, customised, COTS based training simulators for the Australian Defence Forces (ADF)
  • Providing quality simulator maintenance and through life support
  • Providing specialised consultancy and analysis services for synthetic environments and training simulators

BAE develop and integrate solutions to meet customer-training needs through investment in technology, suppliers and partnerships and currently offer the following simulation capability to the ADF:

  • Defence Synthetic Environment (DSE) support and development services
  • Customised COTS common and open based training simulators and eLearning applications
  • Cross-platform entity and terrain generation
  • Classified dataset and development facilities
  • Simulation consultancy, systems needs analysis, conceptualisation & prototyping
  • Simulation systems integration and interoperability testing
  • Simulator operation and maintenance support
  • Exercise support (Talisman Sabre)