Corporate Member

Organisation:Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Divisions:Defence; Emergency Management & National Security; Transport; Learning & Development / Human Factors; Modelling & Decision Support


Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a world leader in providing simulation technologies and integrated training solutions for military and civilian organisations around the globe. With origins in the gaming industry, BISim consistently delivers high-fidelity, low-cost, disruptive technology into the virtual, tactical military simulation domain. BISim has successfully exploited game-based technology with stunning visuals, applying this to a range of breakthrough, military-focused simulation products.

Since its founding in 2001, BISim has produced several state-of-the-art serious game products. Our primary focus has been development of the Virtual Battlespace (VBS) series; delivering flexible, high-fidelity, virtual environments for multi-participant training across a wide range of critical areas. Other releases include VBS3Fusion, the official VBS3 Application Programming Interface (API) that enables developers to create powerful plug-ins for VBS3, and VBS3 FST, which provides high-fidelity simulation of call-for-fire from a wide range of weapon platforms.