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Organisation:CCF SA - Centre of Excellence
Divisions:Learning & Development / Human Factors, Resources & Infrastructure


Following a $12.2M investment in our training facility, founded upon comprehensive research, analysis and development, a best-practice training and learning resource Centre has been constructed, tailored to meet the needs of the civil, mining, defence, construction and oil & gas industries. 

The range of resources available includes a comprehensive assortment of Plant Simulators, the only high risk, hands-on Work Safely Centre in South Australia, a world-first Virtual Construction Site and a fully integrated Learning Management System.  All contained within conveniently located, fully renovated “green star” energy rated building.

The Centre of Excellence takes students out of the classroom and in to an experiential training environment, that replicates scenarios likely to be encountered on-site.

When this cutting edge technology is integrated with the CCF SA’s core training solutions, the result is an unsurpassed Centre of Excellence.

We also have a fleet of Mobile Training Units allowing training to be delivered training anytime, anywhere. 

When it comes to safety training, our industry leading facility provides the necessary interactive training experiences aimed at keeping people free from injury.  By moving away from the total reliance on the classroom for safety training, better outcomes result.  Trainees learn by being immersed in an environment they will eventually end up working in.  The entire Centre replicates components of an actual work site and provide situations in which people need to behave in a particular safe way and they can see the consequences of their actions, but in a safe environment. 

To learn more, download the CCF SA – Centre of Excellence document.

For more information, contact Mick Mezzino – GM Business Development & Planning
(08) 8111 8045