Corporate Member

Organisation:GPSat Systems Australia Pty Ltd
Divisions:Resources & Infrastructure, Defence, Transport
Location:Victoria, Australia


By installing precision navigation sensors on outdoor machinery and coupling real time NAV data with survey grade 3D models defining machine’s actual size and space occupied, then combined with surrounding 3D environment, #D-SAM technology delivers sophisticated full 3D spatial awareness. Blended by a powerful computer, 3D-SAM’s computational outputs streams precision 3D position, orientation and spatial information relating to the machine “self”, other moving adjacent machines, and all, other static objects 3D spatial inter-relationships.

Using network communications to exchange the processed 3D spatial data, this information is then available to support future 3D Virtual and Augmented Reality operations. 3D-SAM is a unique modern 3D gaming technology applied to industrial machine control and precision guidance applications, intended for either autonomous instrument control systems, and/or, remote or local synthetic visualisations for supervisors / operators.

Currently in operation at several mines, but also intended for defence, aerospace and transport industries.