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Divisions:Defence, Emergency Management & National Security, Modelling & Decision Support, Resources & Infrastructure


ImmersaView develop advanced software solutions for complex visualisation applications in Defence, Simulation and Emergency Services markets. Our display software allows multiple projectors to be seamlessly joined together to provide immersive display environments, where any content can be shown anywhere.

VADAAR, our advanced connection framework, provides the ability to send an unlimited number of video, audio and data sources in software, over any distance, using computer networks rather than traditional electronics hardware. It enables users to connect and share information in real-time, connecting anything and capturing everything.

We’re an Australian company with corporate headquarters in Brisbane Australia, and International Offices in Orlando USA, and London UK. We have established a strong reseller network spanning the globe to support our customers. We invest heavily in R&D and have a talented team to bring to you our market leading mix of technology and best practices.

Our customers include Boeing Defence, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, US Army, Lockheed Martin, Thales, RAF, ConocoPhillips, Williams F1, London Fire Brigade, and many international Universities and research organisations.