SimHealth Research Awards – 2016

The University of Technology Sydney again sponsored the 2016 SimHealth Research Awards.
A prize to the value of $400 was awarded for each of:

Best Completed Research Abstract
Dr Gabrielle Brand, Professor Sandra Carr, Ashlee Osborne, Dr Mark Carroll and Professor Christopher Etherton-Beer
Depth of Field: Exploring Ageing – Evaluation of a Digital Reflective Learning Resource

Best Education Development Abstract
Janet Beilby, Jade Cartwright, Shelley Brundage and Joshua Spitalnick
Development and Use of a Digital Patient - A Virtual Resident with Dementia: for the Practice of Empathy and Communication Skills

Best Technology and Technical Innovation Abstract
Nadine Alcorn, Matthew Johnson, Ingrid Wolfsberger and Marino Festa
Innovating a Paediatric Robotic Motion Arm for Neurological Sensory Feedback Response

Best Poster/Short Paper Abstract 
Michael Yu, Erin Wilson and Sarah Janssens
Simulation Based Training Program to Improve Delivery of the Impacted Fetal Head at Caesarean Section


Nadine Alcorn (centre) with Dr Tamara Power (UTS) and Professor Robert O'Brien (SimHealth 2016 Scientific Convenor)

Sarah Janssens (centre) with Dr Tamara Power (UTS) and Professor Robert O'Brien (SimHealth 2016 Scientific Convenor)


Previous Award Recipients


Best Research Abstract
Thomas Loveday, Monique Crane, Mark Wiggins
The Relationship Between Recent Adversity, Affective States And Anaesthetist Diagnostic Skill Investigated Using An Online Simulation Based Assessment

Best Education Innovation Abstract
Ingrid Wolfsberger, Mary McCaskill, Emma McCahon, Claire Nayda, Marino Festa
Using Simulation Based Training To Inform Safe And Effective Work Practices: Lessons From A State Wide Paediatric Ebola Centre

Best Technology and Innovation Abstract
Alexander Walker, Michal Wozniak, Nirmal Menon
Enhanced Clinical-Realism In Medical Simulation Training, Flinders University

Best Poster
Nicole Stevens, Kylie Downs
Using Simulation To Evaluate Clinical Skills As Part Of The Recruitment Process In Speech Pathology

Best Works in Progress
Jessica Stokes-Parish
Does Authenticity In Moulage Matter? Exploring Participant Engagement In Simulation


Best Research Abstract
Brett Williams, Tracy Levett-Jones, Ehab Khasawneh
The Satisfaction with Simulation Experience Scale (SSES): A cross-cultural psychometric appraisal

Best Education Innovation
Bree Bulle, Kate Freeman, Kathy Evans, Simone Andy, ​Barbara Gibson-Thorpe, Kim Warde, Kasey Johnson, ​Jacquie Boyle, Leah Hickey, Jacquie Whitelaw, Marg Stam, Stephanie Thowtapp, Tony Ginis, Tanya Farrell
Using simulation to improve cultural safety and close the gap between professional silos in maternity care

Best Technology Innovation
Hans de Visser, David Conlan, Josh Passenger, Cedric Dumas, Olivier Salvado
A new locally developed ​Virtual Reality Colonoscopy Simulator

Best Poster
Caroline Zhou, Alexander Garden, Peter Watt
Evaluation of a New Crisis Management Course for Junior Anaesthetic Doctors

Best Works in Progress
Andrew Spain, Joe Lopreiato
Terminology & Concepts: A Common Language for Healthcare Simulation


Overall Best Abstract
Suzanne Gough, Abebaw Yohannes, Pennie Roberts, Judith Sixsmith
Are final year physiotherapy students able to independently recognise errors encountered in their own simulated practice?

Best Research Abstract
David Cumin, Matt J. Boyd, Nishanthi Gurusinghe, Alan F. Merry, Jennifer Weller
Creating a Multidisciplinary Operating Room Simulation Course (MORSim) for training and research: Overcoming Barriers

Best Technology Abstract
Therese Gunn
A 3D Virtual Medical Imaging Suite: Bridging the Academic-Clinical Training Boundary

Best Education Abstract
Louise Nicholls, Lisa McCoy, Davin Arthur, Dylan Campher
Simulation Coordinator Training: a standardised approach to training the technical aspects of simulation delivery.

Best Poster
Samantha Gardner and Megan Taylor
Simulation in the wilderness; enhancing learning for final year medical students