Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation (Australia)

Simulation Australasia and Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation (SISO) have established the Australia Standing Study Group (SISO Australia) to liaise and inform the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization in order to meet the needs of the Australasian simulation community.
SISO has established an SISO Australia Reflector, which is a public forum to inform the SISO Australia community, and to communicate with the SISO Australia Committee.


To liaise and inform the International Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation in order to meet the needs of the Australasian Simulation community.


  • Actively contribute to and coordinate the development of international standards that meet the needs of the Australasian simulation community;
  • Promote the existence and benefits of standards within the Australasian community; and
  • Encourage active Australasian community involvement in the Standards formulation process.

Benefits of Actively Contributing to SISO Australia

  • Receive a free membership of SISO (for up to two years)
  • Eligible for sponsored attendance at a SISO workshop in the US or Europe (one per year)
  • Subject area leaders recognised as "Australian Experts".

SISO Description

The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation is a US-based, but international organisation that is focussed on facilitating simulation interoperability across a wide spectrum. SISO provides forums, educates the Modelling & Simulation (M&S) community on implementation, and supports standards development. SISO runs Simulation Interoperability Workshops - two in the US and one in Europe each year and also the Behavioural Representation in M&S Conferences (BRIMS). SISO membership now exceeds 1400 from 28 countries, representing well over 400 organizations, including commercial, academic, government, and military agencies.

While its charter addresses simulation interoperability (largely DIS/HLA), SISO is really much broader and spans many aspects of M&S activities.

SISO is open to anyone to join and contribute and has strong non-US membership. Anyone can subscribe to the reflectors and follow and contribute to the often-interesting discussions. However, the SISO Australia Standing Study Group ensures the contribution of members of the Australasian simulation community is rationalised and formalised for greater impact.